X-Ray problem

Hey Guys,

I experience problems with X-Ray, it does not move smooth.
When increasing or decreasing the depth it's not moving one by one, it's always going like 6-8 voxels, no matter how short or long I tap the key.


  • Yeah. It's when you are zoomed out. Same thing for the speed of the camera movement. As soon as you are zoomed out the camera is moving faster. So I suggest to zoom in. Then you are able to move the xray layer by layer.
  • Hey B4ll3ntin3s,

    May I refer you to this quick discussion I had with Forgetaboutme about the X-Ray vision: http://forums.castlestory.net/discussion/83/additional-features-for-the-xray-vision

    The guys want to work on the camera mechanics so maybe it will help regarding its manipulation.
  • B4ll3ntin3sB4ll3ntin3s Member
    edited August 2016
    Just giving this discussion a heads up, so it comes back in the mind of the developers.

    Would be nice to hear if it is already in progress.
  • ShatojonShatojon Administrator Developer Backer Wiki Editor
    Hey B4ll3ntin3s.

    The amount it "moves" with each scroll depends on how zoomed in you are, I believe.

    Could you try that?
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