Future of the Game


I know that Sauropod id working on a new game, Mirador. It was hinted at in a previous update that the development of Castle Story may be winding up? Are there plans to continue developing Castle Story? Or have we seen just about all?

I love this game (possibly one of my favorites, or at least has the bones to be. I just want more content, or a way to create my own content within this game. I am not a programmer by nature, by I am motivated enough that I would learn what I need to learn to modify this game and add content. I have no idea what I would need to actually modify in game things (like add blocks of new types, etc), but I would be willing to figure it out if someone pointed me in the right direction.

I hope the development continues, but I get how much goes into it, and I get that new games must be developed.
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