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I know that Sauropod id working on a new game, Mirador. It was hinted at in a previous update that the development of Castle Story may be winding up? Are there plans to continue developing Castle Story? Or have we seen just about all?

I love this game (possibly one of my favorites, or at least has the bones to be. I just want more content, or a way to create my own content within this game. I am not a programmer by nature, by I am motivated enough that I would learn what I need to learn to modify this game and add content. I have no idea what I would need to actually modify in game things (like add blocks of new types, etc), but I would be willing to figure it out if someone pointed me in the right direction.

I hope the development continues, but I get how much goes into it, and I get that new games must be developed.


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    Hey Fongomongo,

    Sorry for the late response. I wanted to make sure I gave you the right answer.

    For the most part, we're not planning further content updates to Castle Story. Unfortunately, it's not a financially viable option for the studio. It definitely sucks, we love Castle Story and there's tons of things we'd love to have had the opportunity to add to the game. We might return to it some time in the future, but for the time being, we're only going to be supporting it while we work on our new title, Mirador.

    Thank you for understanding.
  • First off I have to say I love this game despite the quirks, and it has the potential to be so much more!
    I definitely understand you only have so much time, energy, and financial support for this game. It's a shame to see it moving to the way side, and I can only hope it is the spiritual successor to another.

    When you move to a point where you will no longer release content updates would it be possible to add in a mode where we can adjust a few of the game parameters? (even if they were "adjust at your own risk") Some things would be:
    -the ability to add a few more bricktrons to the current cap
    - modify how much each unit of resource is worth or add in some kind of multiplier so we can adjust the
    amount of resources available
    -adjust how many coruptrons come into play or the rate they spawn
    -and so many more possibilities

    I am not very knowledgeable of how games are made or manipulated and I am sure some of these adjustments would be hard to make where they are scale-able by the player and not game breaking. I do think something like this would allow some of us that are not quite done with the game to enjoy a few more miles out of it. I would even be willing to pay (though I'm not sure everyone's thoughts on this) a small premium for a "add-on" DLC where this feature was added (say $4.99) or any other adjustable tweaks or options.

    Just a thought to help y'all out, and thanks again for an awesome game!

  • ShatojonShatojon Administrator Developer Backer Wiki Editor
    Heya @bloodredhornet

    Thank you for your encouraging words, it's really appreciated. :) As of now, all of our focus is on Mirador, our new game. We're working hard to make it a very awesome title players will enjoy.

    You can already change the maximum Bricktron cap "at your own risk". This is not recommended as the game has been balanced (both performance wise and gameplay wise) for a cap of 15 Bricktrons.

    However, you can change the cap by going into your Castle Story folder > Info > Lua > Gamemodes > and open the config.lua file in a text editor. You'll find the BricktronCap value in there.

    For adjusting resources, I recommend simple modifying the map in the World Editor and adding more surface resources :)

    Adjusting Corruptrons and whatnot is possible to a certain extent along with other values. I recommend you poke around the game files and look in the .Lua files - lots of exposed variables there for you to play with. You could also start a discussion on the #modding channel of the Discord server at http://discord.gg/CastleStory

    Hope that helps & thank you for the feedback!
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