Options Menu: The Fog of War opacity slider does not update number when sliding, and other issues

tommai78101tommai78101 Member Wiki Editor
edited December 2018 in Bug Reports
  • When sliding from left to right to get from 0% to 100%, the opacity values does not update accordingly to the current position of the slider, as the cursor is dragging the slider across.
  • It is really difficult to select 50% opacity. I feel like there should be arrow keys to increment or decrement the opacity values by 1%.
  • This slider's same behavior is the same as Mouse Scroll Factor, found in Gameplay settings.
  • And the Audio settings have a bunch of these sliders, as well.
  • It would be nice, if possible, to be able to "type" the numbers in, just like the Multiplayer Port, found in the General Settings.


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