[MOD LOADER] The new way to mod. (Also my #teamcorruptron event 3 submission)

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why hello there

The mod loader

A new generation of modding is here.

What is this?

The Mod Loader allows you to use mods made by me and in the future, others.
I have made a #teamcorruptron mod as a starter mod for this (it's also my event 3 submission), it allows you to RESIZE THE CORRUPTRONS, Execute all your bricktrons and even activate the corruptron spies! (Please note resize corruptrons only works for those currently in screen, you have to press apply when they come into view since I had limited time!)

How can I install it?

It's simple really, you run Merger.exe after downloading the rar file attached! (Use WinRar to open it :P)


I've added a virustotal check here also it's a c# file with no obfuscation so feel free to decompile it :)

P.s. I've included instructions inside the YourOwnMod folder on how to make your own mod!

btw it's 1 am so this thread design is horrific, I'll redo it tomorrow haha


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