Yesterday I tried to create a map and while I was making it a gap with the size of 2,5- 3 bricktrons was created (don't worry it got fixed when I generated the underlay of the map) and I though it was very cool if there were caves around the map, not too many just a couple.

I think this will create a new type of exiting gameplay that doesnt involve around building castles over the ground but building them into the ground with special tools to access the cave system you have created. Yea its true that you can make them with bricktrons but it takes too much time for almost nothing if you are on invasion or if you are on sandbox because the physics of the game doesnt allow very interesting caves to be made.

If you decide to make them real it should be probably a great idea to add and a tool to the world creator where you create your own caves.

I understand that such a addition in the game will create problems with the physics but I think with the creation of a special physics exactly for the caves but I suppose that they are possible to create despite of the complications.
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