Patrol Order for the soldiers

Heyo everybody, it's NaZzu !

So, I was looking at the Castle Story's Thursday stream, and I came up with an idea, that in my opinion might have some future. I'll get straight to it :
As you already know, in Castle Story, you can create kits that allow your bricktrons to become soldiers (Ex. : knight kit, archer kit...). And, when they are equipped with the kit, you can order the bricktron(s) different things : move to a certain point and "protect" it, in the case of the distance kits to hold their fire or to fire at will, etc...

And, as I said before, I was looking at Shatojon's stream, I remembered when I played Conquest, that my soldiers used to stay where they were, or to charge at will.

So, here's my idea : we could add a new order, that would be named "patrol", and after selecting it, you would draw a simple circle, or any shape in the ground (depending on the developper's preferences) like when you set up a harvesting task.

I hope you liked my idea, and if you have anything to say about it, leave a comment ^3^

NaZzu out~


  • I really like the idea. It actually used to exist
  • Yeah,it used to be an actual task they can do.
  • Oh. I started to play just at the end of 0.9, at this time I was really unexperienced. Maybe I did not see that we could do that ^^
  • It actually has been removed in 0.9
    "Defensive Stance
    Knights can now toggle in and out of a defensive stance (by pressing H). In defensive stance, they move slower, but now absorb ranged attack damage to their stamina. This is super useful to approach an enemy’s walls in multiplayer since projectiles, such as an archer’s arrows, will have to drain the Knight’s stamina before it starts chipping health away. Additionally, knights in defensive stance will not move from their position when enemies are in sight, essentially replacing the old “defend position” mode entirely."
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