-Sugestion- rewarding kits

The game is great, and it has still so much to give, thanks devs for making this game!

I have been playing invasion... and to certain wave number I cant overcome them withouth red pylons...
So I was think and had a few ideas, hopefully will be usefull...

The Artificer
As I was commenting in other posts, in certain cases the healing aura is overcome by the damage dealt by the attackers, or the become not so practical when you build green pylons... but their attack is a little bit lacking.

So my suggestion is "simple" what if the artificer had "splash damage" or area damage

The archer is the basic ranged class, but lather on becomes obsolete, only having as advantage its range and shot rate.

So my suggestion is that they have 3 stances:
"quick shots" +50% shot speed, -25% damage
"normal" as it is
"aimed shot" +100% damage, -50% shot speed

To have more attack range, this one you can ignore if you want.

Normal stance have more damage
Defensive +50% shield defense, -50% attack damage and speed.

To have more armor penetration...
againts corruptrons in general...


  • Correction :v
    More attack ranged
    More armor penetration
    Slower attack
    add gloves to the kit (made of fabric)

    Thus I believe the halberdier, is stronger againts armoured units, weak againts ranged as it was, can strike from behind other units like knights, and with the gloves as third thing of the kit, slows it fabrication.

    For thus that hate halberdier rush...
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