Alchemist Potions, Poissons and bombs -Suggestion-

The game is great, and it has still so much to give, thanks devs for making this game!

I used once the alchemist thinking that throwing bombs from a far would be awesome, it wasnt, it dealt more damage to my own walls...

So.. as the "mage" has 2 "stances", I though that would be great if the alchemist could throw other things...

Fog Bomb
A bomb that creates fog, the fog while "active" makes bricktrons inside untargetable by ranged bricktrons or red crystals.

Poison Bomb/Flask
A bomb that damages creatures (not buildings or alike) for "x" amount during a certain period of time if they are in the area were it landed.

Mud/Oil bomb
A bomb that slows both attack speed and movement speed of bricktrons/corruptrons when enter the area of explotion.

Healing Potion/bomb
A bomb that heals "x" amount of health when thrown to living creatures...

This one would be more usefull than the "healing" of mages due it takes time to heal them and sometimes you take more damage than the healed.

All would suggest to be crafted in the alchemist station, and being switch like mage stance.


  • Fog Bomb.
    Won't say anything about it i am a singleplayer guy :D i doubt that it has any use for me.
    Poison Bomb
    They might be useful it depends if it hurts your own units.
    Mud bomb
    I doubt that i would use it. Bear Traps and just rows of Blocks do the trick. Also does it affect your Bricktrons ?
    Healing Potion.
    The question is would it heal enemy units too ? Also i guess the amount it heals would have to be quite a lot since other wise you cann't use it tactically but it would be only in a small area.

    The problem i see changing the stance is for holding fire. It is ok with the Artificer since he then just heals.
    I would just make all of them bombs make the alchemist a bit cheaper but for that he spawns without bombs so you can choose what bombs you want
  • Thanks for commenting out your thoughts.

    Yeah I am a singleplayer too, rewarding fog bomb it would be nice to cover your ranged units when assaulting enemy castles, as far as I know the way right now it is: is knights go front to take damage like tanks. correct me if Im wrong.

    Poison bomb, mud bomb and healing in my original idea they affected both yours and enemies, thus we would have to throw them prescisly or tactically. But it also could be that the one who crafts it and launch, example:

    you throw a healing potion just heals yours, you throw a poisson just damage the enemy.

    Also the poisson potion/bomb would be nice if it stop/cancel healing effects on the affected ones while it lasts.

    I know there are other tactics but having more range of action I think gives the game more taste, either way I dont know how the code is and how difficult it be... in the end if they like it would be up to the devs.
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