Stutters and Lag Spikes return


Intel 6850k @3.60 ghz
Nvidia Titan X (Pascal) x2 with latest drivers
32 gb ram Corsair Dominator Platinum @3000 mhz

I know my pc can be a little overkill for most titles but I do use it for streaming, video editing, audio work, 3D rendering, and stuff.

I've been streaming Multiplayer Conquest with my woman, even though she gets me mad because she is slow to help me defend. =x

She's on a decent gaming laptop and I'm the host of the game.

It starts off very nice and smooth, but quickly it starts to lag like crazy and stops entirely for 5-10 seconds before resuming at regular intervals. I am streaming at 1080p 4500 bitrate with multiple monitors, programs, tabs on browsers open. I checked my CPU, RAM, and Disk usage which all sit around the 40% mark regardless of any lag/stops in game.

We've deleted work orders before, cleared map of chunks, armed every single worker and let them sit there but the issue persists.

Is there anything I can do to alleviate this issue? Can I tell the game to use more ram? Use more CPU cores? Use more GPU cores?

I had viewers saying that the game looks fun but they'd were wondering if it was the game that was lagging or my stream.
I told them it wasn't me and that disappointed them a lot.
It sucks man because the game is one of my random pleasures in my variety gaming life.
plz halp fix


  • ShatojonShatojon Administrator Developer Backer Wiki Editor
    Hey Chicken,

    Later in bigger games, performance will drop as you have more Bricktrons, more dynamic structures, more Corruptrons walking around, etc.

    I strongly recommend you reduce the amount of stockpiles you have (you can toggle off Stone from tunnels and quarries when you don't need anymore bricks, for example) - I'd go as far as destroying some stockpiles. I checked your stream and saw you had a huuuuuge amount of stockpiles.

    Conquest can get particularly laggy in longer games because of the sheer amount of Corruptrons roaming the map. We have some plans to rework Conquest and reduce the amount of active Corruptrons on the map, especially if they're in the fog of war.

    Sorry for the inconvenience again.
  • Oh, okay so less stockpiles? I can try that. Thanks for the tip! ^_^
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