Lay Blueprints and Set Orders While Paused (a game mode option)

When starting a new game, include a checkbox/option to be able to edit blueprints and tasks while paused.

In all of my favourite strategy games that I regularly sink hours and hours into, you can often pause (in single-player) and spend time queuing up some complex orders and build/blueprint tasks, so that once you un-pause, all of your units will begin marching in various directions to carry out their orders and build your stuff. This allows more time to be particular and design some nice or complex buildings with the pressure taken off, while your bricktrons still have limited time to actually build it (once un-paused) before the next wave. This would make Castle Story a game I spend hundreds of hours in rather than just a couple at a time when the mood takes me.

I appreciate that many feel that the whole point of survival mode is managing your time, which is why I am a pro-choice type of gamer: I'm all for creating "custom" games with various rules you can toggle on and off, so that you can find your own way to enjoy it and have some variety. Editing orders/blueprints while paused is one such option that would make the biggest difference to me.


  • I really like the idea. It would make it easier but since you are not forced to use it everybody can decide for themself. But it gives a "unfair" advantage for the Achivements so they would have be turned of for that game.
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