Resource management/Task efficiency

Hi there! I've been an on/off player for a while and a couple things I've noticed would greatly improve the player ability in how they manage stockpiles and resources overall. My first suggestion is an upper limit to a resource set by the player, as it gets bothersome that stockpiles get overrun with logs/planks/bricks and you're stuck having to build more stockpiles or delete gathering tasks. This is especially bothersome when you've got a lot of material go to waste when bricktons drop all of the mined material because they couldn't find a suitable stockpile. With a set limit, bricktons can leave a gathering job when that limit is reached, so they don't gather more than necessary.

Another idea I want to suggest is the ability to specify what the stockpile will hold at the blueprint screen. There have been several times I've had to move a brick or a couple planks from specific stockpiles for something like a furnace building when the stockpiles are built and the bricktons just drop the leftover building materials they are carrying, leaving the set stockpile unable to hold the resource specified until a brickton is told to remove the plank/brick or it naturally gets used in something else.

On the topic of specialized buildings and tasks, it would be fitting if stockpiles can be set to certain tasks, such as mining brimstone, or the aforementioned furnace building. The mining task can have a couple stockpiles set so bricktons that work that task can drop off at that stockpile and continue to work until these stockpiles are filled up, while another brickton can act as a courier to pick up the resources from these stockpiles, treating them like a lower priority stockpile to any other. The same idea can be set for a furnace building, if you have say 5 stockpiles, one for each material a furnace can work with; brimstone, stone, iron ore, iron bar, and glass. The stockpiles for the materials of the furnace can have a higher priority over other general stockpiles so there are available materials to use for the task, like input stockpiles. The iron and glass bar stockpiles will also be a lower priority or an output stockpile, so other free bricktons can take them to either a general stockpile or one that's tied to a workbench. While this all may sound complex, on the surface it'll be simple, just start a task, assign a stockpile, based on the material being used it'll raise or lower the priority of that stockpile automatically, making the entire process much more efficient.

The last idea I wanted to throw out there is an ability to see through walls and terrain. I'm not sure if this is already a thing as I didn't look too far into it, but it would be nice to be able to see into workshop buildings that have a roof, so you can have that immersion of a fully built building, rather than just building walls and an open ceiling so you can select any workshops inside.


  • The last idea I wanted to throw out there is an ability to see through walls and terrain.

    That is a thing and it's called X-Ray. Enter you game, click on settings and click the eye thing. This hides everything above your camera dot (the yellow thing that is always in the middle of your screen) in a certain range. It's pretty useful for building structures inside an already built construction.

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