Biftrons vs Knights

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Why not have the Knights being immune to being knocked into the air by Biftrons until their stamina for shielding themselves goes down? Once it goes down they are flung around like any other unit in the game? Or maybe give that as a permanent immunity to the Halberdiers that way there's a reason to build them in Singleplayer.

It's just really frustrating seeing my infantry formations get toppled over by one monster while 20 others are trying to get at my Archers'/Arbalesters' throats.


  • It's a balancing mechanic, and you can avoid this by playing smart and distracting the Biftron with Halberdiers preferably, because they are faster, while your Archers/Arbalists/Sentinels shoot the Biftron.
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    "playing smart"

    Kiting enemies in MMOs, RTS and RPGs is not smart, it's tedious it's what it is. You shouldn't rely on archers, arbalests or sentinel spam to get the job done. Also kiting can be done with Knight units since Knight units are faster than Biftrons. In fact investing in Halberdiers is a waste of time and resources in single player. Anything a Halberdier can do in Single Player a Knight can do better.

    His only disadvantage is speed, while his advantages is defense abilities, regen health, stronger and more consistent damage. Outside of doing Zerg Rushes in PVP there's absolutely no use to Hlaberdiers at all.
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