Perks and abilities for player colours

I was inspired by the colours of the crystals.

For me they've colours of five emotions: green-joy, orange-curiosity, red-anger, blue-sadness, purple-fear. And so I think every of them should have some abilities or whatever. Every colour would have a set of passive and active abilities and player would have to pick 4 in total per game.

And these are my ideas for every colour:

--Rage-makes units in the area faster, deal more damage, hit faster and be immune to biftron's punching away.
--Explosion-self-explanatory. Simply creates a small explosion capable of taking away about 50% of bricktrons' health.
--Biftron-would summon a biftron with crystals in summoner's team colour. It would die slowly if away from a crystal and not fighting. Only 1 could be alive at the same time.
--Higher move speed of armed units. (about 50%)
--Crystals shoot with 150% (base) or 75% (shards) of sentinel speed.
--Units with 20% or less health act like if they were in rage spell radius.

--Teleportation-teleports units in radius to the selected area (must be visible).
--Shield-selected units get shield for 2 minutes (50% of health, restores like a normal shield until the end of the spell time)
--Freeze-freezes selected targets for 15 seconds or until damaged (only affects alive beings)
--Knights have 50% stronger shield. Additionally arbalesters have 25% health shield.
--Pylons have wards have 25% longer range. (Apart of pylons, they have 50% bonus)
--Killed enemies give 25% more wisps

--Heal-instantly heals 50% of targeted units' max health.
--Call of nature-grows a tree wall. (Used for both escaping and making resources)
--Ent-summons ent (stronger than biftron but needs a tree to create, extremely vulnerable to magic and explosion damage)
--Your crystals heal as good as healing wards.
--Plants slowly grow around your crystals.
--Your units regenerate 3 times faster and they have 50% more health

--Places a vision totem wherever you want, revealing what's there until the totem disappears naturally or gets destroyed.
--Turns bricks and corruptrons in the area into brimstone.
--Turns off the fog of war for 5 seconds for all players.
--A lot bigger sight of units and crystals.
--Brimstone ores drop more brimstone.
--Unit that destroys your belonging or unit is visible for you for 15 seconds, as well as their surrounding.

PURPLE (Yes, abilities for corruptrons. Probably randomised.)
--Possession-makes targeted unit or sentinel work for you. (It needs to be visible. Corrupted pylons can corrupt wards connected to them. Corrupted capture wards can corrupt shards. Corrupted bricktrons can only attack, cannot place things)
--Bombarding, kinda-drops 5 minitrons from the sky.
--Ghosts-lets you turn targeted corruptrons into big wisps that can't interact with anything. Can't it or be hit nor targeted by sentinels but after 10 seconds they return to their normal form.
--Every killed bricktron turns into a corruptron. (And they keep their kit :smile: but can only use the melee and artifficer ones)
--Warlock can corrupt nearby wards.
--Your crystals spawn random totems around them, they are very weak and easy to destroy at the beginning, but they slowly evolve and become stronger than wards. (Corruptron totems don't disappear by themselves)

Every ability is weak at the beginning but can be leveled up as you use it. When it's max for one colour the others get its weakest level and can level it up.

I'll tell you more about my ideas for totems, corruptrons gameplay, technology (technical and magical) upgrades, potions and campaign in my future posts.

What do you think about it guys (and Shatojon)?


  • It's a very interresting idea. I like it. I guess you could sellect only 1 active ability. It might be a bit hard to balance for multiplayer though or confusing. If the color of the crystal doesn't equal the team color
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