New unit

In this game there are archers, knights, crossbowmen, etc, but it would be even more interesting to add a new unit!
To keep you from messing with your head, I have a proposition for you.:
The game will add a horse! Yes, Horse!
Why and how you need it I came up with!Sharing my thoughts with you:
- Question. ..
- My answer ...
1) How or where to get it?
- It will appear as workers, but much longer... ie if after some time I have appeared in Invasion 5 nowych workers, during this time, you receive the horse.
2) Why is it needed?
- Good question, but I know the answer! The horse will perform 2 roles:
The first role is the Rider (new unit)
The second role is a cart that performs the function of a small peredvizhnogo warehouse,which in addition resources can carry a few units.
3) Why do you need Rider?
- The rider will be faster than Archer and Lancer. The rider will be used to catch up with the archers,who are running away, have time to shoot,but the spearmen will be more useful! Spearman is the perfect unit to fight them!
4) Why need a a Cart?
- To create a cart on which you can ride, you will need: a horse, a worker and the cart itself. Instead of working,which has few resources, and the cart can carry several, and besides the wagon speed will be more than the knights and thus, attack with the knights you can go faster (they become a little bit more mobile).
5) how will this affect the game?
- A new unit, and will be helpful against the always annoying archers, and betray more sense to do the lancers.

With respect KipeT_


  • KipeTKipeT Member
    You can also add different types of riders, such as archers on horses or simple riders with spears.
  • KipeT said:

    nowych workers, small peredvizhnogo.

    Umm, do you speak Polish and Russian?

  • CastleBuilderCastleBuilder Member
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    I like this idea, it invigorates the current meta and allows it to become more rock paper scissors than a heirarchy as it's currently instated. Right now when kiting is included the meta looks something like this.

    Arbalest>Archers>Knights=>Alchemists(due to friendly fire)>Halberdiers>Artificers

    At least with this idea we can get something like

    Cavalry>Archery units(outside of walls)
    Archery units>Knights
    Archery units=>Halberdiers

    Moreover the Knight's role as a generalist does not get depreciated due to the fact they have shields
  • Had a brainfart and spotted it a million years later... Whoops! Plus I pike this discussion so I want to give it a singular one time bump.
  • I'd guess a brimstone powered cart with 4 stockpiles and a workbench on it would make outposts much easier to manage, make trading alliances a thing in 4 player games and give the game more of an RTS feel,but I honestly can't picture horses or anything inhumanoid in this kind of game.
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