Awesome Game

That being said there are a few things to make it awesome-er :).
1) Outfit Upgrades - each weapon rack should have upgrade slots for each piece in the weapon rack. For instance add knock back to the knights sword, or knock back resistance to his shield, fire arrows to archers bow, health regeneration to helmet... etc etc. The options are endless but it would add a simple but very cool way to upgrade your dudes outfits. You could craft the upgrades in the place you make the mage outfit.
2) Door Upgrades. The door is for sure the castles weakest link so maybe add reinforcing options. Maybe a spike door that you can drop when enemies are near? Drawbridge ?
3) Large Crystal nodes should increase your max population by 5 or so. Also the crystals while under your control should have an AOE defensive blast to help kill attackers.
4) Add Daggers that all workers and fighters can have all the time to help attack if they have to attack.


  • I love these ideas! Idea 4 is sort of already in the game, your working bricktrons are able to punch enemies and that can be quite effective if you get a bunch of them doing it. Also if you want a small solution for idea #2, you can make a funnel with no roof (a small corridor) and multiple doors in it, then when the enemies go through this corridor you can shoot them with your archers :smiley:

    Great ideas! I definitely vouch for them.
  • Matthew7991Matthew7991 Member
    edited May 2018
    1) I really like the approach. Might be a bit hard to balance though. There has been a similar suggestion in this thread It might be easier to balance but on the other hand has by far not so many posibilities.
    2) Yea i totaly agree. Doors are the weakpoint. Most time i have like 5 doors behind each other and before they are through the seccond stone layer they are through all doors. Iron Doors have been suggested a couple of times before and i would love them.
    A iron gate that drops. I think it might be a bit hard to use or will be abued if it deals damage. Maybe if you don't see it as and actual door but more as of a trap might be better. (Which has been suggested before too :D )
    3) It sounds nice but the Devs had to put a population limit for stability and balance. But i have seen a post that would encourage you to capture shards because otherwise you won't be able to go over your starting Bricktrons. And each Crystal would add like 2-3 to the cap. (couldn't find the post anymore :( )
    4) I like that. The damage of course shouldn't be as hight as the knights. That way you could also make sure that Workers that don't have that dagger just don't attack and just run away unless you tell them otherwise. Since currently it happens often enough to me that a Worker dies just because he thinks he has to attack a Biftron just because he runs nearby.
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