Suggestions and issues involving tasks/Bricktron control

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Greetings all,

I recently bought this game on a recommendation from a friend and, let me say, I love the game. Most games of this genre tend to have a rather harsh UI, I love the attention to design that has been put into the game, truly a work of art.

But I digress, after more hours than I'd like to admit after only buying the game a couple of days ago, I have a few comments as to how the 'trons are managed by the player. The priority system is an elegant and simple solution to managing multiple tasks at once, but it gets rather cumbersome, as the 'trons will often behave unpredictably. I think that the (+/-) buttons on the task menu would be more effective if they were to simply assign one unassigned Bricktron to that task and un-assign a Bricktron from that task, respectively. Not only would this give a player more intimate control over the tasks to which each 'tron is assigned, it would eliminate the issues I am always facing with my 'trons not distributing themselves across tasks of the same priority, or sitting around in spite of plenty of things to do.

A general comment that I have is about 'trons switching between tasks, specifically in the call to arms. A 'tron carrying an item will bring it right to the weapon rack and drop it there. This is annoying because, as I get more 'trons, these dropped items tend to bog up the area and prevent other 'trons from collecting weapons (it is especially bad when I am constructing fortifications, so the tight weapon area becomes littered with huge bricks.).

On the subject of bugs, I have had a few issues where, after assigning a 'tron to a harvesting task (often manually), very seldomly, the 'tron will simply just stand in that area and do nothing; it is very frustrating as I haven't found a way to reliably fix the issue.

In closing, this game is a true diamond in the rough, I haven't seen a micro-management style game done so flawlessly, both from an artistic standpoint, and mechanically, especially so early in its development. I know that the game has nowhere to go but up and I look forward to being there to see it happen.


P.S. If anyone has any suggestions to mitigate the issues I mentioned, I would love to hear it.


Something I forgot to mention is a first-person view. This would be really useful because, when trying to build complex structures, it can be really difficult to manipulate the camera to see what you are doing.
e.g. trying to add construction commands inside an already built structure.


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    Hey TheArcticGiant,

    The issue you're having with workers just standing there sounds like you're missing something to allow the Bricktron to work there. No empty stockpile? No goals in the task?

    A screenshot would help!

    I'm glad you enjoy the game :)
  • @TheArcticGiant, enable the Editor Camera mode in the settings menu during gameplay.
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