I feel like there should be a mode were you can play as corruptrons '-'

I believe I just made an idea that can change the game, in some shape or form.
When playing as the Corruptrons, instead of having to wait for blue mana for making allies, you have to gather stone and put in a machine that has the options of craating allies that you usually have to fight in invasion mode, you also don't craft weapons for your Corruptrons, rather the enemy (bricktrons) can have armor.
But, in the same machine you can make Corruptrons with, you also have a skill tree for each one, this is where you put iron ingots mostly to upgrade your Corruptrons and generally can a runt more feared than a Warlocke (even tho the Warlocke can still summon them...)
Maybe a new form of Corruptrons can come out of this, like a healer/turrent Corruptron that's called the Ward Wander, basically a red/green ward with legs and can become a boulder in which it's ward's power is doubled, but it must be in range of power crystals and can't move while in boulder form until the round ends.
And finally, maybe the Bricktrons can have something up their selves, a summoner class that can summon a Brimstone Golem that is like the Warlocke, but with out the ability to summon Runts.
These were my ideas of a Corruptron Mode

P.S. I just thought of an idea to have more than Corruptrons be the enemy, maybe trons based on trees, called Uprootrons? (IDK)


  • Honestly it'd be cool if there were a mode where we can play as curroptons, but you can't build walls and fortifications. Basically you're an insectoid like mindhive that's building nests and using crystal energy to improve the capabilities of your nests. Maybe have some nests be capable of producing AOE effects as well as direct attacks. But this would SEVERELY change the game dynamics of the game so I kept my mouth quiet until this thread showed up.

    Even now I know this is a very dirty idea and is practically me introducing a Zerg that can't build towers/spires to this game. In fact disregard this post all together. I'm just venting.
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