a cart for bricktrons

I was building a wall away from my base and I was thinking it would be a good idea to have a cart for resources that have a bricktron move it but it's slower then a bricktron do you think it would be a good idea? because I think it would be


  • I think in general, having an item, or a pallet jack/cart, or some sort of animal that can help bricktrons move entire stockpiles or stockpile's worth of resources would be awesome. For starters it would make trading of resources between players less of a pain in the ass, secondarily it would facilitate tasks such as yours. Yeah, you COULD always build stockpiles away from base where your new wall will be, but that's time consuming and you also have to destroy the stockpiles afterwards, leaving you with ugly patches of dirt on the ground.

    Maybe balance the pallet jack/cart with these requiring iron and brimstone to make/produce. Or have some sort of animal in the map you can domesticate that can push/pull them for you? I just think there should be some way to move these things around, or at least the resources that makes sense within universe, but obviously not let it be an easy task that's potentially game breaking.

    Because at the moment, such tasks are just intensely micromanagement heavy.
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