CS Italian translation - How should I manage new "language.csv" file?

Hello there, I've noticed that you've released a new patch for Castle Story and added new text words into your "language.csv" file.

I've already translated the 80 per cent of previous one, so what should I do to get my translation in the new patch file? I have to overwriting it somehow... Am I right?

For the records this is my first experience translating a videogame, so I don't know properly how does it via .csv file and so on. Could you explain me how should I manage new "language.csv" file?

As I said I've already translated almost all CS word text but with the new patch I really don't know how fit into old one.

Thanks in advance,



  • Garou1337Garou1337 Administrator Developer
    Hi Matteum,

    The procedure is pretty straightforward, albeit not necessarily quick. It depends on your workflow and which tools you like to use to help you translate, but I'll assume here that you just copied the "Language.csv" file from the english folder and that you are just overwriting one field after the other with your translation.

    So, what I'd recommend is:
    - Make a copy of your translation file and put it aside, just in case.
    - Open your Language.csv file in Notepad++ (or any program that will automatically display each field on a new line)
    - Open up the CS_Loc_Diffs file (attached to this post)

    now, that file is a bit hard to read at first, but it basically tells you each field that has changed since our 1.1 update in december. Everytime there is a change in a file, there will be a + or a - in front of the tag (a tag being the long word that starts with ##gamemenu_something_whatever).
    The tags that don't have a + or - have not changed and are just included in the file to help you see where the modifications are (it is automatically generated by Git, there are 3 unchanged lines before and after every change).

    If you want to find these fields quickly in your own translated file, you can just do Ctrl+F in Notepad++ and enter part of the tag to go directly to it. You can then insert, remove or modify the changed lines.

    To clarify:
    If we just modified a line, you should see the previous version of the line with a - before it and the new version with a + before it. The system that generated the file doesn't differentiate between a deletion followed by an addition or a simple modification.

    If any of that wasn't clear or didn't answer your questions, feel free to express it here, and I'll be happy to provide further assistance. Thanks for your patience and dedication!
  • MatteumPrimoMatteumPrimo Member
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    Perfect, it's a bit complicated but I'll try ASAP and I'll do my best. Obviously thank you so much for clarifications and tips! :wink:
  • MatteumPrimoMatteumPrimo Member
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    I dont' know what happened but my previous post with new questions about CS Italian translation has been deleted... @Garou1337 :neutral:
  • Hello Garou,

    Never mind about the previous questions: I've understood how to added new strings in "CS Italian translation .csv" file, it's a sort of "puzzle" where I have to add new strings and, of course, translated it manually.

    I think, in general way, is easy task but it will require a lot of time for only one person. Whatever. I'm going to publish via Steam Workshop my .csv 1.1.3 version file ASAP without proceed in the Italian translation, but add in only new (English) strings, in order to get start with beta testing and so on of currently Italian translated word text.

    Have a nice day. :)
  • Castle Story Italian translation is completed and you can find it in Steam Workshop.

    Link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1339189011

    Thanks for your tips Garou. :)
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