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In the new game mode where you have to take a crystal and bring it back to your home crystal, I was surprised I couldn't tell my bricktron to go pick up the crystal and to make him bring it back to the objective. I had to do 2 tasks and wait he pick it up to give him another order.
Maybe developers could create a command where all my orders are "followed" in the order I gave them.

For example (we suppose the magic key is ctrl): I keep CTRL pushed and I click on my bricktron, click on the crystal to pick up, click on the home crystal, click on the weapon rack with an archer kit, and click on top of my defense wall. So when I do something else, the bricktron go take the crystal, go bring it back to the home crystal, go take an archer kit and get ready to defend the wall.

It could even make bricktons patrol! You click on a bricktron and (while pressing CTRL) you tell him to go out, around the corner, around the mountain, all the way to enemy base and come back. Then, while you are doing something else, the bricktron is running around the map updating the fog of war so you can see how much your enemy has built.
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