hello again i have more ideas and request

so has im playing more of this game i get some thougths
First pls improve a little the game plss i had 2 diferent kits in the same pile .... and could not pick any of them

some times unites revoge the call in arms and the work time
.. units in combat kits start chasing curruptrons evens if i say not to and to fall back.. these are my only bad reveiws
soo lst time i gave ideias for kits and build now im gonna focus buildings
1 i notices you improved bricktrons building range to 3 and im happy but i whould like to see a auxiliar scaffolding so bricktros could build it all . So this wodden build whould cost a litle like 3 levels 1 plank and be gonne in the ending of the building like a help of the build and you could chose rather use it if was a hard build and a tall one or not to
2 i whould like to see a stone tiles for roof rathher than only wood this tiles whould come whit a wodden obliqual beam that whould be like a brace but that could handle the tiles and stone blocks
3 pls get water in the game a castle whitout a moat is not a castle
and finally i know its not for a playable use but i too whould like to see windows made in a special work shop using glass and iron a window 2by 2 or costum shape to make your castle a loot more realistic haha
finaly this is more a playable stile why dont produce a machine shopp where you cand do some larger guns like a canon a bomb car for whall in PVP and a wagon to transport minerals and stone in the mines and hexterior
gl and sory for my awfull english
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