I wish more variety for the game!

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Hey folks, :)

what do you think about Research and skill -trees?

So far we are playing a sandbox game, of course, but what about making the early game a bit slower and the mid/late game quicker and more unique due to specializations.
For example, right now we are able to build and gather everything at once. What about if we have a research station instead who grants us research points that can spend on a research tree.
Right now we can gather/collect 5 goods from the beginning. Wood, iron, brimstone, fiber, and stone.

I think it is possible to play with but maybe for some a bit too much at once. Why don't we just start with wood?
Then spend some research points to make stone available and iron/ brimstone a bit later. With the gained research points we unlock the other workstations over time and have the ability to build the necessary workstations for new weapons and so on.
Another way could be to add skill trees for the bricktrons!
So far we/I talked about when and how we unlock structures and that stuff.

But now we can make it much more interesting if we can skill our bricktrons.
One tree improves them in building skills. The other in gathering skills(for example more gathering with larger bags or gather more efficient- that means that he has fewer losses on gathered material) and the last one their military strengths.
We have to decide what we take as first and what as second. That would give the game so much more variety because everyone has his very own playstyle. Someone who is better in late game likes to build a good defense/walls before the enemy is able to rush and end it in no time. Someone else likes to play more aggressively but has a weak economy and therefore his losses will impact him a lot more and he can not just switch into defensive mode in no time because he needs more time to unlock the second or third tree.

Maybe we don't need a research station but as Shatojon once mentioned maybe we increase our bricktron cap overtime at the crystal. Maybe start with 3 at minute 5 we can upgrade the crystal level 2 and have a cap of 5 bricktrons and so on. More bricktrons would passively generate more research points who can spend on research.
The wisps could generate quicker too to make a player recover over time if an enemy is just destroying the economy but doesn't end the game for example.

There are so many possibilities to make it more unique and dramatic in some way that everyone could have so much fun.



  • hmm. i think it is too complex and hard to implement in the game. even if it would not. i don t see any need in adding something like this in the game. variety will be in the game when devs will add more kits. make building faster and balance out everething
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    I understand your point but I think it could be a gorgeous addition because it is still a RTS game.
  • CoRtEx said:

    I understand your point but I think it could be a gorgeous addition because it is still a RTS game.

    The fact that this RTS game, does not mean that the suggested by you will be great.
    Trying to bring the templates from other games - not the best idea
    The advantage of this game is that it is not similar to other RTS

    I still did not understand the main purpose of your proposal
    Do you want to make the game more diverse, by destroying its important advantage - simplicity?
    How, the things proposed by you will add variety to the game?
    The construction of the base and the army will take longer, but will it become more interesting and diverse?
    I think, after a while, all the research in online matches will be conducted according to one optimal template, and instead of a variety we will get an unnecessary routine and a longering of the battles.

    I would like to see a more detailed description of the research process from you, and a common description of the network battle, as you imagine that.
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