Peaceful time at multiplayer game


We need to add the peaceful time setting in a multiplayer game

In detail:
For beautiful and diverse network matches, we need the ability to set the peaceful time in the game.
Without this setting, the only way to win is to rush
Who attacked faster - that won
This is sometimes quite interesting, but it is not diverse
All effective fights are in the same scenario
Build warriors - and send to the attack.

Peaceful time will add variety to the game
There will be an opportunity to build walls, defense, storm enemy fortifications.
It is possible to have time to build expensive warriors
The battles will become more beautiful and spectacular

Now, to get a peaceful time, we discuss it before the game, and the games are spent more diverse
But you can not always make agreements - some do not know English, and someone can break the agreement.
I want us to have the ability to set peaceful time using the settings when you create a network lobby

Examples of peaceful times, which can be put through a drop-down list
0 minutes - no protection
6 minutes - protection against rush by one warrior
8 minutes - protection against rush
10 minutes - an opportunity to build swordsmen and wards
12 minutes - the peaceful time until first shard apperas in GTG mode
15 minutes - an opportunity to build a beautiful fortress with towers.

I didn`t find the way to make a vote here, so if you support this suggestion, write about it in the comments.
I hope for your support
This will make the network matches better.

Russian translation of this suggestion:
Всем привет!

Нам нужна настройка мирного времени в сетевой игре

Для красивых и разнообразных сетевых партий нам нужна возможность установки мирного времени в игре.
Без этой настройки единственный путь к победе - это раш
Кто быстрее напал - тот победил
Это иногда весьма интересно, но это не разнообразно
Все бои идут по одному сценарию
Строишь воинов - и посылаешь в атаку.

Мирное время добавит разнообразия в игру
Появится возможность строить стены, оборону, штурмовать вражеские укрепления.
Можно успеть построить дорогих войнов
Бои станут более красивыми и зрелищными

Сейчас, чтобы получить мирное время, мы договариваемся об этом перед игрой, и игры получаются более разнообразными
Но договорится можно не всегда - некоторые не знают английский язык, а кто-то может нарушить договор.
Я хочу, чтобы у нас была возможность установки мирного времени с помощью настройки, когда ты создаёшь сетевую партию

Примеры мирного времени, которое можно выставлять через выпадающий список
0 минут - без защиты
6 минут - защита от раша одним войном
8 минут - защита от раша
10 минут - возможность построить мечников и варды
12 минут - мир до появления первого кристалла в режиме GTG
15 минут - возможность построить красивую крепость с башнями.

Я не знаю способа создать голосование здесь, поэтому если вы поддерживаете это предложение, напишите об этом в коментариях. (по английски)
Я надеюсь на вашу поддержку
Это сделает сетевые партии намного лучше.


  • truly a good idea, i hope devs know that average game lasts for 8-12 minutes and it must be fixed
  • tka4niktka4nik Member
    Very good idea, this problem was even on developer's streams. And it will fix this problem!
  • I fully support this proposal
    this will improve the network game and make it more diverse
  • CharlieFCharlieF Member
    edited March 8
    I think the Host should be responsible for the peace time duration.
    0-5-10-15-20-30-40-60 min would be just fine i guess
  • CharlieF said:

    I think the Host should be responsible for the peace time duration.

    I wonder how he can be responsible for everyone, random connected player?
    We do not have the ability to kick the player out of the game or some other punishment
    And yet, a player who was guilty in the last battle, can change the nickname and spoil the game to you further, we do not have a blacklist.
    CharlieF said:

    0-5-10-15-20-30-40-60 min would be just fine i guess

    I think that 30 or more minutes, it's too long.
    In 30 minutes, four players can collect all the resources from the entire map.
    More than 20 minutes of peaceful time, in my opinion is not appropriate.
    Long delay will not help for weak players, and an experienced player will be bored
  • If you don't like certain host's preferences you can find another one. Your game - your rules.
    60 min just in case...doesn't could be usefull for castle builders
  • CharlieFCharlieF Member
    edited March 10
    "should be responsible" for the feature that you asked to add... i DIDN'T mean the Host should be responsible for peaceful time in present version (without ability to set the certain peace time)
  • I like this idea! I think that 0-5-10-15 would be fine, and adding 30 and 60 minute increments would still make sense for less experienced players, or matches that intentionally involve, you know, actually building Castles in the game called Castle Story! X D
    I personally much prefer longer games, where the castles are tall, and the Bricktrons are many! Which is why I changed my cap to be higher. (I find, by the way, that in my online conquest games that last a satisfying amount of time, 30 would be a more appropriate cap, and still hopefully not ruin the game speed.)
    One issue here, though, is that several methods of causing damage are dynamic, or physics-based, in nature. Because Castle Story is awesome like that. It might be difficult to find a way to keep players from using catapults, bombs, explosive barrels, etc. to harrass and hamper their enemies without simply disabling damage and voxel manipulation, which have their own undesirable repercussions... I see, and agree with, what is wanted here, but I don't know how it can be done. Making units invulnerable (except by falling into the void) for the prescribed length of time would work except for the physics damage issue, but that would remove a portion of the usefulness of several units, like the Halberdier, and to a lesser extent the Archer:
    The Halberdier is a VERY popular and effective unit right now, due to its cheapness and utility for rushing, harrassing, and rapid reaction/flanking abilities. If you remove its usefulness in early-mid game harrassing then you counter the infamous Halberdier rush, but also almost elminate their usefulness.
    The Archer is also an effective early harrassment unit, as well as being good for early/mobile defenses, but is overshadowed (but not replaced, still much quicker/cheaper!) by the Arbalist in the later game. Removing the need for early defense, or early ranged offense, would also greatly undercut the Archer's usefulness.

    So, in conclusion, it looks like what we need, at least for balance sake, is an option that somehow allows for harrassment and other forms of early engagement, but that keeps the players from wanting to invest too heavily, perhaps by eliminating the possibility of an early win? Maybe a time in which the Crystal is invulnerable, and Bricktron respawns are much shorter or instant, to discourage players from going all-in in their early attacks...

    However! Until such a change can be made, and even if it were, I think a peace-timer like you have suggested is a wonderful idea! Hal approves : )
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