hello i have a world full of ideas

so 1
since the number of briktrons is reduced to 15 there is now more than ever a lack of defensive armament to protect the walls because sentinels are expensive i sugest a whall canon a3X3 by 2 canon operated by 2 guys a reloader and a shoter aiming is like a normal range unit his dmg could be like a explosive barrel cannon balls crafted in the forge and cost 1 iron to do 2 cannon balls stacked in 12 stock pile

2 a draw bridge or a double door i hate to say this but a simple door i porr when building massive whalls its a real choke point when bricktrons pass i hould love to see a large door like 1x4x4 that would be a nice add in castle defense and let units in and out way faster

3 a whall ladder that like the rope bridge can be big or small depending of the whall placed in

4 i whould love too see too a moved ram or a mine that could be placed near enemy whalls to blow it up
ram could be used by 4 bricktrons and do only dmg to doors or whalls

5 finally there could be a mosquetier a expensive unit whit high dmg and a loot of range but realy slow reload
3 iron 20 brimstone and 1 plank to build one kit that is 1 mosquet 1 hat ( like french infantry hat) and a back pack (to carry ammo

this are some of my ideas i have more but not in game play but in building
i hope you like it and keep the good work


  • I really liked the musketeer idea ranged unit with high damage, high range but slow rate of fire it is very well thought.
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