Stockpile interaction bug!

CoRtExCoRtEx Member
edited March 2018 in Bug Reports
Had 4 stockpiles and set them to "keep empty"
Bricktrons still added goods (depending on what have been in the stockpiles before)
If I set them to "keep empty" I wish the bricktrons carry all that stuff to other stockpiles who aren`t locked in any way.
If I am not able to empty them all goods are lost on destruction and that is very sad and frustrating.


  • Yeah, the only time I've seen this (in the past), is when I load a game and continue playing. The bricktrons seem to ignore the rules then.

    I did make a report on this, a few version back, but I haven't played the game lately, so I'm not sure it was fixed or not. Bug fixes in general aren't really noted with new versions. Seemingly, they're currently playing with features and will get around to fixing bugs after things have settled again. Something like that.
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