Invasion Mode - Incoming Wave Alert

Hey there guys, so im just here cus i wanted to suggest a new way of alerting for new incoming waves in the game mode Invasion. Right now from what i know the games music changes when the wave begins which i mean that's a basic feature across most RTS based games but besides that the game doesn't give you any alert that gets your attention or a message that pops up in front of your screen. A Simple red colored text saying that a new wave is incoming wouldn't hurt anyone and if you really wanted to you could add it so you can disable it in the settings if it became to annoying. Right now I'n the past 2 days I've played Invasion mode 5 times and every time i get about 2-3 hours into game play where ill be either building or something else and all the sudden i realize that theirs 20-30+ enemies on my core.

Thanks for reading and i look forward to seeing your responses. <3


  • CoRtExCoRtEx Member
    edited February 23
    As mentioned already in discord I totally agree with you.
    Even the sound changes I am sunk in building and didn't realize that the enemies are already coming
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