A significant number of ideas that I think will be for the greater good of the development of C.S.

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This discussion is just a new idea for new blocks for castle construction or decore, a production station, tools for map creation, resource items, and more to consider adding to the game.

The new blocks for castle construction or decore,

A ladder so you can do vertical movement on walls,
Resource cost: possibly two planks to produce one ladder.

An Iron fence stronger than a typical brick,
Resource cost: possibly four iron bars to produce one fence segment.

An Iron brick twice as stronger than a typical brick,
Resource cost: possibly 15 iron bars to produce one fence segment.

An Iron door stronger than the wooden door,
Resource cost: possibly eight iron bars to produce one fence segment.

Flowers CAUSE WHY NOT ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Resource cost: 2 plant fiber,

A bucket so you can collect the liquids on the new resource items segment below this segment,
Resource cost: possibly 4 or 5 iron bars

The new resource items,

A bucket of water, if you get the weather system for rain made and had the water run down into the valleys of the hills that will be nice to have.

A bucket of lava, used for advance moat protection
Resource cost: possibly two buckets of water, and six brimstone fragments to produce one bucket of lava.

The production station,

A resource portal used for a random resource giver of arbitrary amounts of 25-80(may become smaller numbers) to any resource(s) in the game, this excludes wood logs, water buckets and lava buckets(if the weather system has been added)
Resource cost: possibly 20 Pylon wards, 15 Sentinel wards, 10 Capture wards, 15 rope, a bear trap, ten stone bricks, and five iron bars, to make one resource portal.

Resource to use the resource portal,
N/A for item usage but an Artificer mans the resource portal keeping the portal open while waiting to get the arbitrary amounts of the supply the wait time is 1 minute to 2 minutes(maybe longer wait times).

The resource portal is meant for if said player used up all the resources on any map(s), this would give the game more play time on their creation, an edge on the battlefield on PvP, or PvE, or a longer survival time on the oncoming horde.

Tools for map creation,

Add a randomizer option for the six plant usage assets significantly making better-looking landscapes for map creations,

A brush selector between circle and square
Also please increase the brush size to 40 instead of 20 it will be a lot better on selecting a larger area to increase or decrease the height of hills, making bigger islands.

A game mode idea,

Army of souls
All players get ten or 20 Bricktrons to use at there will at the start of the game,
If player A's Bricktron kills player B's Bricktron player B
lose that Bricktron's soul and player A keeps that soul for later use in numbers.
To win the player must kill all of the enemy Bricktrons and capture the other player's spawn crystal just like Conquest but a different set of rules.

Army of souls Hard mode
It's the same as Army of souls, but there is no adding more Bricktrons to all of the players spawn crystals in-game.

New AI enemy clan,

The Corrupted
There Bricktrons but 1/2 Corruptron, they are smarter than the usual Corruptron, in terms, they can build structures, making them a DEADLIER FOE,

Adding more game difficulty settings,

Add three more difficulty options; the difficulty+ settings use the Corrupted instead of the Corruptron. So it would look like this.
Easy, (Use Corruptron AI)
Easy+, (Use Corrupted AI)
Normal, (Use Corruptron AI)
Normal+, (Use Corrupted AI)
Hard, (Use Corruptron AI)
Hard+, (Use Corrupted AI)
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