Transport cart

It’s when you could assign a wooden cart to a task and the resources go into the cart and then gets carried to where you want it to go, for example when chopping wood, you fill up the cart with wood and then take it either to construction or to storage. That way you can get more resources to a specific task, and if you have it nearby for your bricktrons, they can take the resources and do what there doing.I don’t know if it would be pulled by another animal or just by bricktrons.


  • CoRtExCoRtEx Member
    edited February 23
    oh yeah, I like this idea. It could lower a lot of calculations and improves the game speed.
    Or the player places a Stockpile as a requirement to build his structures and it will get filled with the necessary resources first. They just start getting more wood/stone if the assigned stockpiles are empty.
  • hulk2004hulk2004 Member
    it could also have rails t go strait to storage like a train station
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