Bricktrons who SIMPLY MUST get that log in the enemy base.

They need to stop. Please. Even when there is work to do, I often find myself having to play shepherd, or simply block all exits to keep my Bricktrons from flocking to that single, inexplicably alluring log or block on the ground on the other side of the map. I've lost many a good Bricktron to these unauthorized excursions. How come they don't seem to want to pick up the mess all around the base without a cleaning task, but the single brick out in the boonies I didn't even know about becomes a priority? : C
For this, and possibly other issues, I suggest a radius around owned crystals, or maybe the Bricktrons themselves (or maybe even structures or tasks?), that dictates what they can go running off after.
(Side note, it seems that Bricktrons on build tasks are the primary offenders? I like for them to pick up nearby blocks to build with, but...)
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