possible suggestions or rejuvination mechanic (plus other things like new crafting stations and even

since growing trees and such is a hard thing to do and will add to the many different stockpile options already (saplings or seeds), i thought about an alternative.... Magic beans or seeds!!!

These are normal beans, they are beans which are imbued with natural, celestial and magical powers which grant certain effects on use. I made up some base suggestions, which will fix or balance out the limited resources like trees (even though there is a LOT of trees, there is still a limit)

Nature Beans
- Would create a small patch of trees and leaves where placed instantly, requiring low amounts of code for animation (you can thank me later). Pre-made textures, like leaves falling off of trees, can be used for this effect.

Earth power/Mineral Beans
- similar concept, creates a small patch of iron and brimstone in area placed, making minerals easier to find in conquest maps or in general

Elemental/Celestial Beans
- Similar idea to the explosive barrels, could be thrown or placed like mines that explode on contact or when a corruptron stands on them. More of a defensive "bean" to the alchemist (a AoE offensive siege class) and cheaper than a catapult.

Teleportation Beans
- Allows quick travel between two beans for a limited time. Did think about random teleportation, but could be broken (OP) or frustrating. A rare but effect commodity for conquest or grab the gems. However, are not OP as someone has to place both beans for it to work properly (not thrown).

Method of creation
- Now the important part, how would you get these magical beans of destruction. I have three ideas: Laboratory, Cauldron and Meteor Shower events. The laboratory could create the beans based on ingredients (nature bean takes wooden planks, leaves and brimstone while Mineral beans would take minerals and rubble, and etc.) Now, another new crafting station... on top of the MANY others.... well not necessarily. This cauldron would take natural elements (leaves, brimstone, iron, rubble and maybe other flora like mushrooms and such) and turns them into valuable beans. The third one... meteor strikes.... sounds farfetched... but bare with me. These events would strike randomly and create bright flashes in the sky which would have a higher percentage of hitting the further away they are from the crystals. it adds danger and rewards (High risk, high reward).

This is just the surface of what i thought off, if people still want more :D
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