Hold position for soldiers?

Hey, I'd find it useful if I could put individual soldiers into a "do-nothing" mode, similar to how I can with workers. A toggle, on/off.

That way, I could have soldiers all kitted out, but inactive. I'm not sure how useful that would be, but for me, I think it'd get a fair bit of use, especially with those bomb guys. They're really, really destructive, which I like. But, really expensive if used anywhere around my castle. But, I like that they're there, just in case. I don't mind obliterating my castle if it means I save the crystal. But, I'd like it to be a last-line of defense type thing. Hence the on/off (of soliders). Possible?


  • Oh right, now that I've been playing/fighting, I see we do have hold fire controls. So, this suggestion is probably already done. Sorry about that, I hadn't really played with the right-click controls before.
  • ShatojonShatojon Administrator Developer Backer Wiki Editor
    You can :) Select a Knight and hit H (or yeah, use the pie-menu hehe)
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