Bomb guys, moving into range when attacking?

Hey, so I'm pretty sure those bomb guys won't throw bombs unless they're within range. They just stand there, until you move them closer. Then they're able to throw them.

But, it might be good if they moved closer themselves. Maybe... instead of altering the normal "target" command, whatever that's called (right-click menu), maybe there could be a move-and-throw command, that told them to move themselves however needed to throw bombs when I've told them to. If that means going down staircases, then so be it.

That would be pretty handy to have, rather than the user having to guess the range that they need to put them in order for them to successfully throw. Maybe I'm using the bomb guys wrong. I still haven't continued my invasion map, so I haven't play with them much. But, I did play, just to see how they are. I think there should be a move-and-attach command, since it's not really that obvious if they're in range or not.


  • Oh, and this is just them attacking a spot, not an enemy. They might move to within range if they spot an enemy, like normal. But, when just attacking a brick, I've seen them just stand there and not throw them, until I move them closer.
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