In my current game, I had thought of using catapults, primarily for using when there's more than one shaman corruption and they bunker down low (below a one-block high wall) and proceed to snipe anything and everything. But, the catapult's range doesn't really make much sense with now line-of-sight now works. You only ever get to see where corruptrons are when they get really really close. Unless you use a scout or something. But, why would you? Corruptrons are usually moving far too fast for scouts to be of any advance warning.

Anyway, the way catapults work is great, if you wanna bomb distant things. Really nice. But, hardly useful when defending your own base. If you have them away from your base, it's likely corruptrons will discover it and turn to destroying it. So, you'd need to defend it too. With sentinels, with other stuff. It's a big production, supporting a catapult away from your main base.

So, it makes sense if the catapult is right there, near the main base where you can properly defend it. But, then we come back to range. The catapult can't deliver barrels that close. Its main strength is to deliver them at range. Also, if it's too close to the castle, then the castle itself blocks areas it can fire them to.

I don't see catapults having much use at all. Maybe if there were smaller catapults, that had shorter, more useful ranges? But, then you have those bomb guys. They mostly act as little movable catapults. I chose to go with the bomb guys than investing in a catapult. I just can't see what use they are, as they are.
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