Arms rack options?

Hey, so I'd find it useful if the arms racks had a allow/disallow option when right-clicking on them. Similar to how the storage bins can be allowed/disallowed.

The situation is, I like to have bomb guys in reserve, as a final defense measure. Normally, I'd like the bricktrons to ignore them, and just wear whatever else there is. So, I'd like the ability to mark an arms rack off-limits to them, only usable if I direct one to pick a kit up. That way, I can have the bomb kits held in reserve, but there when needed.

Even if it have them in a far-off rack, sometimes bricktrons will go and put them on. But, really, I need them in the castle, so close to where they are. I'm not sure how to manage them currently, other than to manually tell them to go put them back in the rack. But that doesn't stop others coming in to collect them again.

An allow/disallow would solve this situation. Bombs are pretty neat. But totally destructive!


  • ShatojonShatojon Administrator Developer Backer Wiki Editor
    Good idea, thanks :) I'll forward it to the team.

    Until then, a little hint I can give you is to make different storage rooms and lock the doors you don't want the Bricktrons to access. (hold right-click on a door to lock it, or unlock it).

    That might be a workaround.
  • Wanted to bump this, so I can set each weapon rack to a specific kit.
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