Unused Bricktron count is wrong?

So, I've noticed in the game I've been playing that the population count is wrong. It's fixed at 17. But, I've now got like 23 bricktrons. This can be seen when they arm themselves. But, if they put their arms back, that 17 figure doesn't change.

I know my screen is pretty loaded, but the ranged box does narrow to fit things in, the 23 little faces get tighter. And I'm pretty sure the same should happen with the total count. But, for some reason, it's just 17 all the way.

I'm not sure if it's just a glitch in my current game, or if that's a hard limit. I don't remember it being a limit, in the previous version. But, this is the only time I've played for so long on d. So... just a glitch in my save? Or something in the code?


23.jpg 404.4K


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