Quarry stair blockage

I should also mention that sometimes bricktrons will stop quarrying because there's a blockage on the stairwell.

Usually this blockage is removed by those going down to dig. But, for some reason, none wanted to go down. The one down there already didn't want to remove the blockage either. So, the quarry just became unused.

But, as soon as I got the bricktron to remove the troublesome voxel, the others came down and started digging again. But, the trouble is, now the stairs have a permanent hole in them. If they dig more, I don't think they'll even notice that the block they use to get up again is now acting as their stair. I have full expectations that they'll just harvest that square and then become utterly stuck down there.

Would it be possible for them to check to see if their stairs are complete? And if not, to fix them? That way, we could manually remove those blockages, and then they can put new stairs automatically, as needed. I've encountered this once, but I have had quarries that fell useless before, and perhaps it was the same reason, but at the time I didn't bother to investigate.


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    Thank you, I'll forward this to QA.
  • So, this is the blockage I'm talking about:

    Seems simple, but they can't seem to understand that the blockage needs to be dug out. So, I'm pretty sure this quarry is now disused. I'll have to manually unblock it for them to use it again. Notice though, there's two workers down there, doing nothing.
  • Oh, I just thought, that I can probably replace those stairs with block stairs. I've just done that, so probably it's not so critical that they self-repair stairs. But, it would be cool if they did.
  • Here's another blockage. Or it could be two. Nevertheless, the two workers down there don't know how to unblock themselves. And the ones above don't wanna come down either. Until I manually unblock it for them.

  • Actually, here's a save, if you wanna investigate it that way.
  • In mine game currently they are not building stairs at all. Instead just voxels. So bricktrons have to hop up and down all of them. And it takes a long time if you dig deep.
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