Bricktron's getting stuck

I've noticed that sometimes a bricktron will become unresponsive. This is usually when they have a tool in their hands, and are transitioning from say digging or cutting wood, to picking the stuff up. They still have their tool in their hand when they run up to what they're supposed to pick up, but then they stop. And I can't get them to move again. They become unresponsive to everything, just standing there.


  • Oh, and if I save the game, and reload, they get unstuck.
  • I worked out how they get stuck.

    So, what happens is: there's like iron ore or something on the ground. And instead of using the clean-up command on it (like I should), I just tell them to go ahead and pick it up, like they would a log or something.

    The run up to it, and then become unresponsive. I've just seen this in action, and the bricktron gets stuck there, when they attempt to pick it up.
  • ShatojonShatojon Administrator Developer Backer Wiki Editor
    Thank you for the reproduction steps, I'll send this to QA and they'll be able to investigate further from there.
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