More modes? Combos?

Hey, so I kind of got the impression from the teaser trailer that was (I guess) produced when the kickstarter was happening. The single bricktron heading out to collect that crystal, and this being watched by the corruptron. This causing them to invade. I like it. That idea, of the bricktron's bringing it on themselves since one of them dared to steal the crystal.

Is there any intention of having a mode like that? Let's call it "Story mode", where it happens exactly like that. Maybe... you don't start off with a home crystal at all. Just a finite set of bricktrons. Then, you need to claim a crystal in order to get more bricktrons. But, maybe it could be like this: you don't automatically claim it until you're ready to fight them off? So, essentially the player could build an entire castle around this un-owned crystal (very, very slowly, since you only have your starters), and then claim it, and by that time, it's too late for the poor corruptrons, since the castle is fully prepared for them? Haha.

Well, that brings up the idea of having combo modes. What if you could start off in creative mode, and have all the time you want to make whatever you'd like. And then have some kind of trigger to start either invasion, or conquest? I guess it'd be similar to Story Mode, in that the fighting doesn't start until you trigger something.

So, is this viable? I think if you do get around to putting modding in place, then this combo stuff will definitely be made by the community at some point, since it's just this: build something, test it. You build a castle, and then you test it with a horde, to see just how it goes. You don't have the luxury of doing that in invasion, since it's just a race to get something functional up in order to survive. So, it's not about castle-building. It's just survival.

So, a different mode: one that allows free-time, and then a trigger. I do like the idea of starting off without a home crystal, stranded. What think? And if you do claim a crystal (to power lights or sentinels and bring in more bricktrons), then they invade. This is similar to the movie you did, at kickstarter.

So... possible? Good idea?
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