Altering quarry, like you can with tunnels?

It might be nice if you could alter quarries the same way you can with tunnels. Once you've set up a quarry, there's no way to deepen it. If you attempt to build another one on top of it, it just makes the stairs a mess.

So, it might be nice to have the option to alter the dimensions.


  • tryguytryguy Member
    edited January 2018
    Actually, what if there was just an added option to alter the top height of a quarry? Usually, it's not needed. But, if you already started a quarry, and finished it. Then wanted to deepen it, the quarry system usually just starts at the very bottom of the existing quarry.

    But, what if you could tell it to begin at the same height as the original quarry? Then, it might be able to replicate the stairs, and continue things down. So, a slight change to how things already are. Just the ability to drag the "top" of the quarry up and down. Probably it should still be constrained to the surface, so you're not "quarrying up into the air". I dunno. But, I was playing with quarries, and this idea just came to me.

    Edit: I see! So, currently, you can work with existing quarries. You just need to extend the area one space beyond the first. So, if it's 4x4. Then 4x5 gives you a stair that follows the same path as the first one does. I think this is pretty neat, actually. So, it's probably enough, if this technique is known?
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