Manually emptying pallet?

When I tell a bricktron to get a unit of something from a storage bin, they don't. They absolutely just ignore the order. Why?

I'd like control over that. If I'd like to empty pallets, I'd like to be able to able to lock the pallet down (so no more can be added, then I'd like them to collect units from the pallet and hold them. Later, I'd like them to dump whatever they're holding, but obviously that works fine.

Part of my suggestion is the idea that you can change the the category of the bin while it still has stuff in it. Currently, you can't. If it has logs, then you can't change it to nothing. You can't change it to planks. It's always logs, until the very last log is dragged from it. Then, it's still logs (or maybe it reverts to anything-goes?) I'm not sure. Anyway, if there's nothing on it, you can change it to no-deposit. But, that's the only time you can.
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