Dumping area?

So, quite frequently I find the inside of my castle more and more a mess, just because of how the bricktrons come and dump their sacks before they change for fighting mode.

Instead of this, why not be able to select an area where they'll head to first, to dump their sacks (as a priority), before heading to get changed? That way, we could have better control of how the landscape changes, shifting the dumping spot around as needed.

I absolutely hate having to clean up after them. I don't like the mechanic of debris breaking down and merging the land. When corruptons die, they leave gravel behind. If that's not picked up, then it becomes landfill. Say, you have a killzone where they're made to step over a series of walls in order to approach the castle, if it really is a killzone, then you get lots and lots of them dying in the same spot. Over time, the ground around the walls filled up, so that eventually the area is just made flat again!

I spend more than half my time just getting things tidy again. The clock's ticking, and I could be doing other things, but here I am manually emptying the trenches again. It doesn't take long (for the bricktrons). It's just a chore.

On the same idea, as the dumping zone, maybe there could be a preparation zone, that acts similar to how the repair task works. Instead of restoring structures, it restores the shape of the land. After battle, the bricktrons will head back to gouge out any landfill that's occurred. But, they'd do this automatically, without my manual involvement. I think this would be a tremendous improvement!

So, two things:

Dump zone, where any sack material is dumped off before heading back to change. Maybe there could be a few zones, and they'll head to the closest one? I'd love there to be a rule that they HAVE to dump their stuff before returning. I don't care if that puts them in danger or not, really. I just hate the mess that they make of my castle.

Land restore, a bit like repair in that it remembers the contour of land of the area and they automatically re-level and maintain it

What think?


  • Another idea to this might be... if there's no bins currently available to put the material recovered by a clean-up task, maybe there could be a rule for them to just go dump it in one of he dumping sites? So, rather than ending up locked in place, unable to do anything, before dumping and running, they'll instead just dump it at the site and move onto doing something more productive. Something like that?

    I don't really like materials going to wast like that. But, I hate seeing terrain deformed unnecessarily.
  • ShatojonShatojon Administrator Developer Backer Wiki Editor
    Hey tryguy,

    We intentionally made them dump their stuff on the rack because we realised it would be frustrating for players to see Bricktrons go to a stockpile before going to arm themselves when called to arms. Since Call to Arms is kind of an "oh shit get a weapon and defend the castle QUICK!" button, it seems like no waste of time should be tolerated and Bricktrons should beeline directly to the rack and get to arms.

    A solution for that is simply to put a high priority clean up task around your weapon racks. :)

    As for the second request, that's what the landscape task does :)

    Thank you
  • Just adding to this. I once watched a Let's Play youtube video, and the guy just didn't understand how the land around his racks kept changing and changing. He wasn't the brightest guy, and maybe he's discovered the truth at some point, but I think new users are pretty clueless about how to keep their facilities clean.

    But, yeah, I have been using clean-up tasks to clean things nice. Also, I use flatten as a fallback, in case they dump, go fight, and in the meantime, it all sinks in. That's mostly when all this terrain changing is done. It used to frustrate me no end.
  • ShatojonShatojon Administrator Developer Backer Wiki Editor
    We're looking into the rubble merging back into the ground and forming bumps thing right now, we know it's not always ideal and are thinking of solutions.
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