Increase halbarder range to act as second line

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Historically polearms were the foundation of most advanced armies thanks several factors but notably how well they worked in formation, a large group could keep the enemy at range while not interfering with their neighbours, I was thinking that in game this could translate to them hiding a bit behind the knights or other halbarders while still able to poke at them. On that note there often isn't much reason to use halbarders as they are, perhaps something like that and bit more damage to further distinguish them from knights.


  • YES ! Big yes !
  • The halberds definitely need some sort of buff to make them unique from the Knights.
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    They've been buffed in the most recent patch, Greenbowers. They're MUCH quicker now.
  • Speed isn't really worth much outside of PVP though. In PVE it's necessary to ditch Halberdiers early on for either wards or Knights. In PVE Halberdiers are pretty much useless in the overall scheme of things. I've said it once and I'll say it again, having these little guys have increased range and maybe letting them poke their spears through gaps in a wall would really make them useful. Until then however they're sadly nothing more but yet another stepping stone in the tech tree.

    Which is very sad, since spear weapons were the back bone of many armies. Hell the only things that could tackle these before modern artillery or man portable gunpowder weapons were the absurd, but manly as hell Zweihanders wielded by the german Landsknechte units. These swords were no joke, we're talking 4-10 lbs monstrosities.

    Hell there's even legends of men such as Pier Gerlofs Donia who were capable of wielding 14-20lbs Zweihanders, but I'm sure these are legends. Can you imagine swinging such a thing around for even one minute, let alone 30-20 minutes?
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