[Bug][Multiplayer] Wrong terrain when loading save

Version : latest Humble Bundle (supposedly latest hotfix)
OS : host on Windows 8.1, other on Windows 10

When loading a save in multiplayer under certain conditions, a bug will occur that give the wrong map terrain to joining players.
For example, when loading a "Pineburg" save, the host will have the Pineburg map with the player placed/removed blocks. But the other player will have another terrain (as in another map but free of changes) with the castle of Pineburg (floating under the islands because the maps don't match) and the saved blocks.

How to reproduce :
- Save a multiplayer game on map A (after changing some voxels), quit to menu.
- Host a new game, choose a map B (click Select).
- Change the map and select the saved game on map A.
- Wait for download and launch game.
The joining player will have map B terrain with placed blocks of the map A save. The host will have the correct terrain.

If there is anything I can join, I would be happy to do so.


  • ShatojonShatojon Administrator Developer Backer Wiki Editor

    Does this happen even if you try starting a new game in an official map in singleplayer?

    Does it happen every time with any new multiplayer save?
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