White Screen of death

OK new installation and new player and having only been able to get into the game one time while attempting at least 15 or so times in the last few hours with a couple of re-installations of the game.

My system specs are as follows:
GTX1070 8GB
4 SSD's of varying size
1 x 1TB WD Black
All connected via Gigabyte GA-Z170X Gaming series 3 motherboard with latest BIOS flashed

Anyway after I launch the game it appears to function and then goes through the motions of attempting to run and it hangs up on a white screen. I can hear the music playing in the background but can not click on anything that may or may not be hidden to get beyond this screen.

Here is the most recent crash report for the game that was generated.


  • ShatojonShatojon Administrator Developer Backer Wiki Editor
    Can you try disabling all monitors but one - and double checking your video card drivers are up to date?
  • Drivers are up to current and disabled the other monitor and still have the problem.
  • ShatojonShatojon Administrator Developer Backer Wiki Editor
    edited December 2017
    Hi @Nichols

    Had a dev take a look at this. We suspect an issue with an overlay software and/or your graphic card.

    Can you try running the game directly via the .exe - without going through Steam and let me know if that helps?

    Do you have anything else that generates an overlay? Fraps? Shadowplay? MSI Afterburn? Discord? Teamspeak 3 overlay? Overwolf? Can you try closing those and trying again just to see if it helps?

    Also! It seems like the latest Windows 10 update is causing some issues for certain players. They described a "black screen of death" rather than a white one, but it may be a similar issue. Here is the response from the other user, maybe it can help.

    Problem was in latest windows 10 update (Fall creators)
    look belowe Steam Community discussions:

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