Winning in Conquest Mode

I've been playing this game on invasion and conquest mode for 25 hours total. By now I would expect to be able to win in conquest mode. Especially since I have the difficulty level set to Easy. I've been waiting for this game to come out for 3 or 4 years and WANT to like it but it almost seems like it isn't play balanced properly. I have yet to find a play though video that shows a winning strategy against the computer or any strategy guides that talk about build orders. I JUST figured out that you can assign workers to specific tasks but it doesn't seem like I can assign workers to produce battle gear or any of the workbench type stuff. I can never keep up with the onslaught even when it feels like I am starting to dominate. The enemy always attrits my forces down to nothing and I get my butt handed to me. Please respond with any links to videos or strategy guides. Also, how do you get corruptions to attack your castle in creative mode? Do you save what you have built them play it in invasion or conquest mode?



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    I am seeing pics of very extravagant castles being attacked by corruptions on the web. I don't see how that is possible in the game.
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    Hey @flynnboyo,

    On normal, I win almost every time within 45m-1hour, but obviously I've been playing the game for a long, long time.

    Keep in mind that the map you play can drastically affect the difficulty. Smaller maps where the shards/crystals are closer will lead to Corruptrons spotting your Bricktrons and attacking more often.

    Also, don't want too long before getting soldiers. Try harassing the Corruptrons as much as they harass you. I usually get at least two archers and two halberdiers or two archers and a knight as soon as possible and neutralize as many of their crystals as I can before things get too intense, all the while some of my Bricktrons are still working at my base, getting me more kits. Artificers can help your squads last longer too. :)
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