A few things i've found with AI that could be of use.

I've noticed a few annoyances that may help you guys a bit

First thing, is that when my bricktrons bump into any other bricktron, they give them the material they were holding regardless of the job they were assigned, which often leads to bricktron #1 giving bricktron #2 the stone they were holding, bricktron #2 tries to do his job, realizes he is holding something then walks all the way back to the stockpile instead of the job site and puts the stone back, then bricktron #1 walks back to the stockpile, and picks up the very same stone and walks to the job site, or if he bumps into another bricktron, repeats the above over again.

Second thing, is that for some reason its quite common for a bricktron that is assigned to a crafting job to randomly pick up something from a stockpile that IS NOT needed for the job, then he walks to the crafting station, crafts the item, then realizes that he is holding the item he JUST picked up, so he walks all the way back to the stockpile to put the object down, then walks back to the station, then picks up the crafted object, and puts it in the stockpile

Third thing, is that on single block paths with a construction job, this happens-
Three bricktrons grab stone from pile, walks to the single block stairs
A bricktron on the job site recently finished putting his stone down and is walking down the stairs
The three bricktrons walk into the empty handed bricktron and hand him the stone like they are meant to do
The bricktrons then hand the stone up the line till the top three all have stone
The bricktron on the top of the stairs that was just handed the stone still has the idea to pick up stone from a local stockpile so he continues to try and walk back
The last bricktron on the stairs is now empty handed and walks back to the stockpile
The top bricktron is stuck walking down and the bottom two bricktrons are stuck trying to head up
They all suddenly say they have no path to the job, quit the job and walk back to the stockpile to put away their stone
This happens a little more rarely, but takes a lot of time to resolve and get everyone back to work.

-Forgive me if this was a little hard to follow, I just returned from work and I am too tired to edit.


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