Multiplayer Bugs

First post and I hate its a bug report but here goes...

1. When playing with friends on a user created map the non-host crashes around 5-20min in. We have yet to not see this occur. The game just closes and no error is seen.

2. Also MP... when loading into a saved game for conquest Coop, the game switches to Versus.

-Thats all atm, keep up the good work! We love the game, I just want to play it without crashes!


  • My log file.
  • iacondiosiacondios Member Backer
    edited September 2017
    I got this as well. I got excited when I saw that the 1.0.2 patch notes included "Fixed several instances of multiplayer loading saved games not working properly", as I thought this might include that issue. Unfortunately, not the case.

    As an additional piece of data, I tried saving the game AFTER the host desync occurs, and BEFORE the desync occurs, but in both cases the other players were unable to all join my team.

    I couldn't spot anything suspicious looking in the save .json files, I wonder if the player allegiance is even stored there?
  • ShatojonShatojon Administrator Developer Backer Wiki Editor
    Hey guys, we need the multiplayer logs for both the host AND the client:

    Also, the specs for both the host and the client.

    Thank you!
  • So I found a work around for the team issue. It still an issue of course. If you join a lobby and make it a coop conquest lobby and then join the team - then load the game you should be good. Versus just loading right into the load game.
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