High Density Vertical Stockpile

I've been looking for high density vertical storage solutions. I've been playing Invasion mode lately, and main my enemy is stone; I have too much of it, and nowhere to put it. I need to keep mining though - I need brimstone...In very high quantities.
To that end, I've been attempting to build a storage system that minimizes walking distance, as well as space occupied.
From outside of this building it takes (at minimum) 1 step to get to the first stockpile on the ground floor, 8 steps second floor, 12, for the third, and 4 more for each additional floor. Each floor is three blocks high, and has a density of 8 stockpiles per 84 block area (0.095piles/block)
This design is stack-able, and can go as high as desired.
Layer 1.1:
8 stockpiles, 4 1x1 blocks, 4 stairs

Layer 2.1:
4 plug H, 4 corbels, 4 braces, 4 stairs

Layer 3.1:
4 plug L, 4 corbels, 4 beams, 4 stairs

Layer 3.2:
16 beams, 16 planks

Layer 3.4
44 planks, 8 stockpiles

After this, there should be no problems expanding further upwards.

If anyone has any other stockpile designs, please show us! I'd love to see some designs that are faster to climb, cheaper to build, or smaller in area.


  • ShatojonShatojon Administrator Developer Backer Wiki Editor
    Oh wow, that's actually very awesome. Thank you for sharing. :D
  • ShatojonShatojon Administrator Developer Backer Wiki Editor
    I've put your thread on our community spotlight on http://www.castlestory.net/
  • Oh nice! I once did this but with ramps but it didn't turn out this compact. Nicely done!
  • Very cool design. Thanks for sharing
  • a9e10na9e10n Member
    thank you for sharing i have used it alot and it is super usefull thx alot!
  • ProTip: If you are running into an issue of to much stone; create a build task and CTRL+Click the stockpiles that are full of stone. Stockpile will be erased along with the stone. You will have to re-create the stockpile but this helps a lot in those 5+hr games.
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