[1.0.2] Bug report

TilableToastTilableToast Member
edited September 2017 in Bug Reports
Here are the bugs I've encountered so far with version 1.0.2

  1. Closing the build menu by pressing the "X" instead of pressing tab still leaves a phantom block by your cursor.

  2. When you hover over an unfinished blueprint to see what ingredients are missing it creates a lag spike. This is most noticeable when hovering over multiple unfinished blueprints.

  3. When multiple harvest options are toggled it shows the default icon on the task (The one with Trees, Brimstone, Iron and Boulders on it)

  4. When telling a Brickton to grab an item from a stockpile they won't do it.

  5. Sometimes when switching to the Underside tool in the world editor it shows a brush affection circle being stuck on the terrain.


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