How to tunnel up to the top of a mountain?

Hi there!

In my latest sandbox I tried to tunnel upwards to the top of a wooded mountain. All is well until I get to the surface and
seemingly get blocked by the trees there. My bricktrons aren't able to cut the trees, neither with the resource gathering task, or by assigning them to fell an individual tree. They seem to always be blocked in their path. Pitty, because I really want to build a castle up there ^_^ Any way around this? I've added some screenshots for clarity.



  • ShatojonShatojon Administrator Developer Backer Wiki Editor
    Not really, you'll have to make stairs to have your Bricktrons clear out the area. They can't dig trees from below.

    You could try placing some explosive barrels below the trees and detonating them. ;)
  • Great tips! Let's try those :)
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